30 Unique and Creative Painting Ideas for Kids painting ideas for kids WeAreTeachers

Here’s another one of those painting ideas for kids that combines art and science. Construct a simple pendulum bucket and fill it with paint. Then send it swinging to see what sorts of designs you can create!
Fill your summer with outdoor painting ideas for kids, like this DIY sidewalk chalk paint.
This has become one of the most popular painting ideas for kids and adults alike, and it’s as easy as it is fun! The abstract results are incredibly mesmerizing.
These monsters are more sweet than scary, so they’re perfect for little hands to create … using forks!
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More painting ideas for kids that start in the kitchen! Use ordinary drinking straws to blow watercolors around the page, creating this glorious peacock.
Start by using masking tape to outline a bridge. Then, dab color onto the page to create a Monet-style masterpiece. Finish by peeling the tape off to reveal the white bridge beneath.
This is one of the coolest painting ideas for kids we’ve seen! It’s as simple as sticking a piece of paper on a drill bit.
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Yarn wrapped around canvas creates the birch trees in this clever project. Use this technique for lots of other interesting patterns.
No paintbrushes? Make your own! Use clothespins to grab pom poms or cotton balls, dip them in paint, and away you go!
Start by painting a rainbow of color onto a canvas and allowing it to dry. Follow it with a layer of black acrylic paint. Now comes the fun part: dip a brush in alcohol and fling it at the canvas, and the colors reappear like magic!
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Add watercolors to coffee filters to make the prettiest, most delicate ballerina tutus ever!
Use these in the classroom for an extra fun lesson on hand washing , or send the recipe home for families to mix up a batch for bath time.
Take a nature walk and gather up leaves, flowers, grasses, and more. Then come home and use them to paint; they’ll create a wide variety of textures and patterns you can’t get from traditional brushes.
Can you believe you can get these gorgeous results using shaving cream? It’s true! Learn how it works at the link.
Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers

Paint scraping is easy enough for little kids, but fun enough for everyone. Learn how it works at the link.
Let the paint flow down like rain with this easy painting project. painting ideas for kids Add some cotton balls for clouds when you’re done.
Beat the summer heat with a batch of paint ice cubes. They’re lots of fun to play with outside in the sun!
Grab some black craft glue and use it to outline a design. Then fill it in with soft watercolors for a gorgeous lesson in contrast.
Lots of painting ideas for kids use household items in place of brushes. Cotton swabs are terrific for exploring pointillism—also known as dot painting.
Yarn painting is another one of those trendy painting ideas for kids and adults, and once you try it, you’ll see why. The funky results are so fun to display!
30 Unique and Creative Painting Ideas for Kids painting ideas for kids WeAreTeachers30 Unique and Creative Painting Ideas for Kids painting ideas for kids WeAreTeachers
The concept is simple, but the art you can create with it is endlessly fascinating! Get free printable outlines at the link to use with this project.
Change the appearance of regular paint by using it with wax paper! This project idea uses bottle caps to make unique designs.
Bubble wrap is always fun to play with, but when you add paint, you can make some seriously cool art.
Yeah, this one is  definitely gonna make a mess. But your kids are going to have so much fun, you won’t mind wiping up afterward.
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Okay, this one is a bit messy, but so fun! Stretch rubber bands across a box or pan, brush on some paint, and snap to create.
Salt painting is part art project, part science experiment. The hygroscopic quality of salt allows it to absorb liquid paint, creating cool textures and patterns.
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Rubber balls or marbles are ideal for this simple painting activity. Use washable paint and you can clean them off and return them to the toy box when you’re done.
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While you’re raiding the kitchen pantry, grab some aluminum foil and use it instead of paper for this painting idea inspired by the great Van Gogh.
Make your own puffy paint, which dries to a light foamy texture. Oh, and it only takes three ingredients!
Give kids a paintbrush and a box of watercolors, and they can stay busy for hours all on their own. But, did you know there are plenty of other ways to get creative with paint? You can paint with bubbles, use salt for texture, or even build a paint pendulum. They’re all here in this roundup of incredible painting ideas for kids!
As if blowing bubbles isn’t fun enough, try adding paint! You’ll make the coolest art prints to display or even turn into note cards.
So many creative ways to fill the world with color!
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